Uncustomary Zodiac Workshop Replays

Agnostics, Atheists, Witches from Arizona to Australia working on personal development with a monthly ritual!

These past workshops are a great way to connect with your personal-development practice, and recharge at any point. Once you purchase them, you have access to them for the rest of forever.

These replays are currently ONLY $5, but will be going up in price on September 24th. Get them now while you can for only $5 each!

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"The energy in the room was fantastic!!! As a long time Instagram follower (years!!!) I’m so glad I finally enrolled. The free content is amazing BUT participating fully in the workshops and Uncustomary Babes Facebook group is on a full other level of GREATNESS :-) The replay still went by just as fast as in person/live Zoom. I really enjoy all of the valuable information and realness!!"

- Cait

What You've Missed...

Virgo Season

In this workshop we focused on Rituals, Perfectionism, The Need To "Fix", & Dedication.

There was also a live EFT Tapping on Releasing Perfectionism, some Belly Love movement and affirmations, and a custom meditation on forgiving your past self.

Leo Season

In this workshop we focused on Self-Confidence, Courage, Resilience, & Having Faith In Yourself.

There was also a lesson on lesson on Mirror Work, a Laughter Yoga session and instruction, and a Meditation on how to be more courageous in your every day life.

Cancer Season

In this workshop we focused on Self-Care, Security, Intuition, & Release.

There was also some light chest stretches, breast/chest love, an Ode To Boobs, a DIY project involving photographs and worry stones, and a guided meditation on how to release unnecessary baggage.

Gemini Season

In this workshop we focused on Communication, Partnerships, Parts Of Us, & Mixing Up Your Routine

There was also some QiGong exercises, shoulder stretches, connect to birds via origami, and a meditation on how to enhance our communication skills.

Taurus Season

In this workshop we focused on Mindful Movement, Creating a Sanctuary, Decadence, & Focusing your senses.  

There was also some humming and throat exercises, a DIY to create your own treasure chest, and a guided Meditation on focusing how to take better care of yourself.