Uncustomary Self-Development Workshop Replays

Agnostics, Atheists, Witches from Arizona to Australia working on personal development with a monthly commitment to self-evolution!

These past workshops are a great way to connect with your personal-development practice, and recharge at any point. Once you purchase them, you have access to them for the rest of forever.

"The energy in the room was fantastic!!! As a long time Instagram follower (years!!!) I’m so glad I finally enrolled. The free content is amazing BUT participating fully in the workshops and Uncustomary Babes Facebook group is on a full other level of GREATNESS :-) The replay still went by just as fast as in person/live Zoom. I really enjoy all of the valuable information and realness!!"

- Cait

What You've Missed...

Aries Season

In this workshop we focused on The Beauty Of Impermanence, Electrifying Passion, Meeting Confrontation With Courage, & Child-Like Merriment.

There was also Warrior Yoga Poses, positive affirmations for the brain and scalp, & a custom meditation for inner child/play work.

Aquarius Season

In this workshop we focused on Detachment From Emotions/Dissociation, Repressed Emotions Leading To An Explosion, Compassion + Curiosity In Communication, & Embracing Ambivert + Omnivert Dualities

There was also positive affirmations for the ankles and nervous system, extensive worksheet resources, a custom divine feminine embodiment practice for repressed emotions, and a paranormal themed dance party.

Capricorn Season

In this workshop we focused on Critical Thinking Vs. Being Judgmental, Being In Alignment With Integrity, Honesty, & Reliability, Releasing Control When Things Don't Go Your Way, and Being Acknowledged As An Expert When No One Takes Your Advice

There was also Qigong, a fun dance, positive affirmations for the skeleton/bones/joints, extensive (35) worksheet resources, a custom meditation on fear and releasing control, and an abundance dance party.

Sagittarius Season

In this workshop we focused on Optimism & Joy, Adventure & Flow, Excess & Hedonism, and Rationalizing Unhappiness & Actualizing Potential.

There was also hip circle exercises, positive affirmations for hips and thighs, extensive worksheet resources, a custom meditation on embodying joy, and an ecstatic dance party.

Scorpio Season

In this workshop we focused on Obsession Vs. Passion, Embracing The Deep Dark & Mystical, Divine Feminine Embodiment, and Transformation & Evolution.

There was also Root & Sacral Chakra opening exercises, positive affirmations for sex and genitals, card reading, feminine embodiment practice, and sensual/ecstatic dance party.

Libra Season

In this workshop we focused on Romance (for self & others), Feng Shui, Speaking Your Truth, & Creating Balance

There was also Tai Chi movement, light standing back stretches, body love and affirmations for back body love, a self-care balance worksheet, and a custom meditation on speaking your truth, creating balance, and allowing yourself to go back and say something you've been holding in. Plus an incredible amount of Resources in the Google Drive!

Virgo Season

In this workshop we focused on Rituals, Perfectionism, The Need To "Fix", & Dedication.

There was also a live EFT Tapping on Releasing Perfectionism, some Belly Love movement and affirmations, and a custom meditation on forgiving your past self.

Leo Season

In this workshop we focused on Self-Confidence, Courage, Resilience, & Having Faith In Yourself.

There was also a lesson on lesson on Mirror Work, a Laughter Yoga session and instruction, and a Meditation on how to be more courageous in your every day life.

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Cancer Season

In this workshop we focused on Self-Care, Security, Intuition, & Release.

There was also some light chest stretches, breast/chest love, an Ode To Boobs, a DIY project involving photographs and worry stones, and a guided meditation on how to release unnecessary baggage.

Gemini Season

In this workshop we focused on Communication, Partnerships, Parts Of Us, & Mixing Up Your Routine

There was also some QiGong exercises, shoulder stretches, connect to birds via origami, and a meditation on how to enhance our communication skills.

Taurus Season

In this workshop we focused on Mindful Movement, Creating a Sanctuary, Decadence, & Focusing your senses.  

There was also some humming and throat exercises, a DIY to create your own treasure chest, and a guided Meditation on focusing how to take better care of yourself.