Paving the way for Radical Self-Love +
Merriment on a Rainbow Brick Road

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Do you want to turn up the dial on the dazzle in your life?
Do you want to sprinkle your world with succulence and zest?
Do you want to create a colorful world in your heart, home, and the spaces you leave behind you?

Hi, I'm Mary/Uncustomary!

I've spent too much of my life being anxious and angry because I thought someone else thought I was too much or not enough, but then I did the worst flex and made myself the fixer of myself .

I became obsessed with the next "fix" in self-help. The next tool, tip, or technique that would make me feel more in control of myself. You couldn't tell me I was broken, because I was ahead of you. I knew ALL the theories best! I was constantly working on what was "wrong" with me!

I came to self-help to learn how to love myself, but instead found a roundabout way to stall myself from living.

Does this sound like you, too?

We get so stuck in our minds. We think if we understand what's "wrong" then we'll "fix" our lives overnight.

That's not true! We'll just keep looking for the next theory that explains that new discovery. It's a spiral of stagnation.

Discovery means nothing if we don't do anything with what we know!

We are procrastinating against living our lives.

I'm done with theory! I'm all about tangibility!
I do this with a technique I call
Merriment Making!

Why Merriment Makers?

Good question! This Membership Group has been around for five years and seen many formats and touched many people all over the world from Arizona to Africa to Argentina to Australia. I'm very proud of it.

Here's why I believe Merriment Makers is unique:

+ I work on myself with you
+ I share my experience with you
+ I am aggressively blunt and honest
+ This the most effective and inexpensive option for getting resources from me aside from 1:1 coaching
+ The resources here are exclusive and if you really won't know how I teach until you actually join
+ I continue to freak the formula and listen to you when things don't work
+ You don't need to be on social media to utilize it
+ My multi-passionateness creates a unique approach with different modalities you might not expect or be used to for an integrated approach
+ I believe in accepting yourself first instead of needing to fix who you are
+ I believe in play over meditation

Merriment Makers say..

"M.M. is a place where I can be me. I can speak my truth. I can be supportive and support others whether it's a good day or a bad day and not feel judged for not being positive all the time. And on the days where I'm not positive it is a bountiful resource 4 ways I can improve my mental health."
- Kristi

"The Merriment Makers group, created, adored, and run by the one and only Uncustomary Mary England, is an exuberance of light, love, and creativity, with a refreshing dose of reality and practicality. Mary gives us a literal rainbow of thoughts, ideas, courses, and strategies to bring more positivity, color, lightness, and self-understanding into our lives. Mary is genuinely interested in our needs, and the group itself reflects that same genuine interest. Being a part of this group has been a delight and I am so looking forward to following where Uncustomary leads us!

I met Uncustomary 5 years ago and she was (and is) a blast of color in a sea of beige (all very nice and very cool beige, but beige nonetheless). Being a part of this group is a joy and a privilege (even if I’m somewhat of a lurker - even a drop of goodness is worth the membership!)" - Julia

"A wholesome, fun and experienced group - I love this community of Merriment Makers! The support and friendships combined with a massive amount of resources, definitely helps me in both my low and high moments."
- Skye

What's Included?

Every Month You Get At Least:

  • 1 Hour Masterclass
  • Printable Workbook
  • Guided EFT/Tapping
  • Digital Art
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Video Calls + Pep Talks
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Podcast
  • Pinterest Board
  • Snail Mail
  • Operation Merriment Subscription - $11 BONUS VALUE!
  • Access to all the archives, each valued at over $1,000 - you get instant access just by signing up for one month!

A monthly subscription is $29 only $19!

ExpePLUS!! Additional Resources You Might See Each Month Include:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Guided Embodiment Practice
  • Exclusive Interview With Experts
  • Interactive Worksheets/PDFs
  • Custom Playlist
  • Product/Supply Links
  • Tarot Readings
  • Zodiac Themed Pinterest Boards + Affirmations
  • Unique Resources For That Theme!

Plus Digital Art!

Every month you get...

  • 20 Positive Affirmations
  • 2 Desktop Backgrounds
  • 3 Cell Phone Backgrounds
  • 3 Printable Art Posters
  • 15 Inspirational Quotes

You Also Get:

+ A custom Merriment Makers Membership Card mailed to you
(with the 10 Commandments Of Merriment Making on the back side!)

+ The exclusive Facebook support group

+ Exclusive Newsletter

+ Challenges for Embodying Joy, Creating Joy, Spreading Joy, + Confronting Fear

+ Gratitude Prompts, Unusual Holiday Updates, Personal Diary Entry, General Inspiration, + Education

The price is the same for any location in the world, which includes Merriment Mail Postage

Yes, Please!

It's not a textbook method, it's a Merriment Making Method.

Merriment Making is embodying, creating, and spreading joy

for the streets, spaces, and special someones

with art, fun, and love.

The Merriment Makers is a group of people who are committed to embodying, creating, and spreading joy.

The Merriment Makers is a group of people who also know we must confront our fears in order to best experience joy!

I want to show you how something as simple as a piece of paper can give you the opportunity for 100 new experiences or expose you to deep-seeded fear.

I want to show you how we don't need to jump on a hundred different lily pads to find peace of mind. What we need is action through connectivity and creativity!

Let's get you out from behind your phone and out on the streets feeling joy and spreading it to others!

So let's write love letters, dance in our underwear, wear costumes, make smiley faces with our condiments, make packages to cheer up people, speak in puns, twirl in the street, use novelty items unironically, laugh loudly, and let absurd be the norm all while...

Accepting and loving who we are and using any and all resources we have to change what we want to amplify or release.

Less "self-improvement", more self-LOVE and fun.

Let's change our relationship status with life to "it's uncomplicated" and make some merriment.

"I can’t sing Uncustomary’s praises enough! I stumbled across her website while looking for tools to boost my self-care (It and my self-esteem had taken a nosedive) Flash forward two and a half years, I’m catching up with a close friend over dinner and she paused mid conversation to make an observation. 'You really look good...You look happy, and I think it’s because you’ve become more genuine to your true self.' She was right, and I credit a large part of that growth and overall happiness to Uncustomary.

Mary knows her stuff. Period. Let me add that I am a mental health counselor -- so, I do not make that statement lightly. Uncustomary is the perfect balance of fun, education, and support. And, if there isn’t already an Uncustomary article or tool for what you’re dealing with, Mary can create one. She is such a real, kind, personable being! I am a member and loving every bit of it. It’s one of the best, and most reasonable investments I have made for myself since joining Uncustomary two and a half years ago! I’m excited to see where she goes next." - Jenn

"This Membership Group is one of the most supportive, colorful, and joyous places I know! Maybe it's because Mary is always surpassing Herself with so many bright, shiny ways to love yourself and share your best with the world. There are journaling prompts, worksheets, playlists, endless ways to practice self-love and gratitude with a joyful attitude, all kinds of ideas for exploring and expanding the world around you and so much more! I love how much more colorful and kind my life has become since I joined! Being a member is awesome and it's truly the best bang-for-your-buck you will ever find! Thank You Mary for everything ~ You've made some dark times lighter and the bright times even brighter!" - Ella

"Yaaasss!!! For me, it's the community! I know my fellow Merriment Makers are always cheering for me, keeping me in positive thoughts and vibes! And with the craziness of the world, we all need the reminder that we can be MERRY and share it with the world! The more you share, the more you receive 😉 love, happiness, merriment, grace."
- Tyffany

August's Theme: How To Take Up More Space

September's Theme: Celebrations

see more themes

Who Is A Merriment Maker?

A Merriment Maker is someone who:

  • Is ready to learn and implement the process of embodying, creating, and spreading joy
  • Knows they have something uncustomary and unique inside of them
  • Wants to share that uniqueness with the world
  • Is having at least a little difficulty with doing that due to limiting beliefs
  • Believes there is more for their life than they have seen so far
  • Understands self-love and evolution isn’t overnight or ‘easy’
  • Is ready to begin or continue their evolution and value that process

If you want to enhance your life with joy, color, fun, magic, love, and depth with an archive of hundreds of resources on Teachable, Facebook Support Group, plus new resources every month based on a a specific theme, then this group is for you!

More Testimonials!

"Thank you. Your digital content is so helpful...and life-affirming."
- Alanna T.

"Uncustomary has been a life changer for me. I'm not a naturally positive person. A few years ago I was so miserable, isolated, and down on myself that I decided to make a change. That's when I found Mary. She has helped me to see the positive sides of life and myself. I've literally changed my entire life within three years using the joy and support that I've received from Mary and the Merriment Makers." - Kitty

"I am so unbelievably grateful that I came across Uncustomary. Her Membership group is the brightest point of my day. It is full of support and love and so much color! Mary is so honest while still being insanely optimistic and genuine. It is so awesome to find a woman who truly embraces her uniqueness while supporting other women in their own unique journeys. I think the most valuable thing that Uncustomary has given me, though, is a sense of community. Mary has a way of helping you realize you are truly never alone in whatever you’re facing in life. She is a sparkly human rainbow in an often otherwise gray world. I’m forever thankful I found her!" - Snow

I'm A Human Rainbow!

“I'm a new member, but already I can see how it will help me in the long run. When I've been down, it seems that Mary's contagious beautiful attitude toward life finds me where I am. Not only is the Facebook group is filled with marvelous people from all walks of life, there are opportunities for growth, reminders to get gentle with yourself, and tips on how to be amazing. It's such a place of love and kindness you won't regret being a part of." - Lisa 

"I’ve been signed up for 6 or 7 months now. Honestly, I was hesitant to sign up at first because money was too tight for me to just add another subscription. I actually “temporarily” dropped a different subscription so I could make it work financially, and oh holy guacamole has this become one of the best parts of each month. Am I gushing? Yep. Is it warranted? Abso-freakin-lutely." - Ashleigh M.

“I started following Uncustomary on Instagram. I can't tell you how much Mary's beautiful pictures inspire me everytime that I see them! I fell in love with the colorful pictures that made me smile. Her dedication to body positivity and living in color is infectious! I signed up for the Membership and it's like receiving a party in your mailbox each month! Being part of this Membership makes you feel like you have a cheerleader to cheer you on towards your goals every single day! I encourage everyone to become a part of the fun!!!" - Melissa

List Of Upcoming Themes!


August - How To Take Up More Space

September - Celebrations

October - Reclaiming Your Magic

November - Releasing Irritability

December - Being Your Own Biggest Fan

Past Themes Included In The Archive:

+ Merriment Making
+ Radical Self-Love
+ Gratitude
+ Self-Care
+ Play
+ Loving Our Inner Teenager
+ Passion + Purpose
+ Sacred Spaces + Fabulous Environments
+ Fears + Pleasures
+ Be The Star Of Your Own Movie
+ Body Love, Image, + Positivity
+ Optimism + Pessimism
+ Motivation + Procrastination
+ Self-Esteem + Confidence
+ Manifesting + Abundance
+ Masculine + Feminine/Yin + Yang Energies

More Praise!

"I have been following Mary on Instagram for some time. I love her positive messages, colorful pictures, and general happy outlook on life. It always put a smile on my face. Within the last year or so I've been dealing with a lot of life changes. I was trying to dig myself out of a rut. I decided to join this group and see if it could help me with my goals, and it definitely did.
While I don't use all the tools available, and there are a lot! I get so much out of the group, and enjoy working at my own pace to get back to myself. The group always has something new to talk about or try and its a great place to go to get a little pick me up!" - Deidre

“This group is such a bright spot on the internet! From fun photos to self-care and gratitude practices, there's always something to look forward to when everything else on Facebook is a downer. Mary's got great quotes, advice, tips and tricks for whatever you can dream up. She and the other members are so helpful and encouraging. It's a total shame that more people don't know about the group yet!” - Erika

“I love being a member of such a positive, uplifting group! You get access to tons of free content like positive quotes to share online and even fun activities like scavenger hunts. You get access to the Facebook group. Mary even has numerous informative classes on various topics for reasonable fees. Mary's group has definitely helped me to feel better about myself!” - April

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I sign up at any time?

A: Yes! You so need to sign up by the 2nd of the month to ensure you get the Merriment Mail for that month! Other than that, you can sign up at any point, you will just wait to get next month's mail!

Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A: Yes. You can cancel at any time.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: You go into your PayPal account, go to Tools >> All Tools >> Recurring Payments, then select the plan and hit cancel (YOU have to do this, not me!) You can also just Google "how to cancel recurring PayPal payments". If you've signed up through Teachable, you can cancel there.

Q: Did this used to be called the Uncustomary Babes?

A: Yes. As of October 1st, 2021, the group got a makeover and is now called The Merriment Makers!

Q: If I cancel my membership, will I lose access to the Facebook Support Group?

A: Yes. And Teachable. And Merriment Mail. That's what you're paying for!

Q: If I cancel my membership, will I lose access to Operation Merriment

A: Yes if that's how you gained access to it! Operation Merriment is, however, a separate offering that can be purchased on its own if you ever decide to leave.

Q: Are subscriptions refundable?

A: As this is a digital offering and you get access to hundreds of resources immediately upon enrolling, per industry standard there are no refunds for membership subscriptions, but you may cancel at any time. Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Q: Are yearly subscriptions available?

A: As of June 1, 2022, only monthly subscriptions are available.

Q: Can I buy the membership for someone else as a gift?

A: Yes! Just let me know who the gift is for at check out. I need their name, e-mail, and snail mail.

Q: Is this membership only available to people in the United States?

A: No, it's international, baby! That said, I can't control the postal system and your Merriment Mail might get there later than expected. :)

I can't wait any longer!