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Every month, I host a workshop inside of the Merriment Makers Membership Group based on that month's theme.

This Month's Theme Is Gratitude!

We are talking about the connections between gratitude and mental health, categories of gratitude, tangible ways to demonstrate and express gratitude, to help us feel happy, healthier, and more humble in our daily lives!

We will do a live gratitude practice session together.

This workshop is very interactive with writing!
Come prepared to get the most out of it!


  • 80+ minute workshop with Full Replay
  • 11 page printable workbook with journaling questions
  • 100 Ways To Celebrate Life
  • 100 Reasons To Write Thank You Notes
  • 6 Digital Social Media Affirmations
  • Lifelong access

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  • What if instead of complaining about what you didn't have and feeling miserable about all the things that are going wrong, you couldn't stop noticing all the beauty, joy, and kindness there is around you?
  • What if instead of punishing yourself for feeling negative, you created systems and rituals for demonstrating and expressing gratitude, which allowed you to bulk up your gratitude muscles and strengthen your connection to the world and your best self?
  • What if instead of feeling pressured by society to stay fearful and pessimistic, you were one of the Happy People who allowed yourself to find Sparkly Linings and view the glass as half full, or at least not half empty?


"7 Steps To A Grateful Life, is course which completely blew me away. Everyday I found myself reading the email for that day over and over till I was completely awashed in it.

Then I started to probe around in that brain of mine searching out the answers to Uncustomary’s questions, making me look deeper at that day’s subject matter. Inspirational quotes for each of the days always put me in the right frame of mind in order to get my mood and my brain on topic and present.

Sounds awesome right well guess what that’s not all you get, Uncustomary includes worksheets, printables, and suggestion lists to go along with the content with this course. You have nothing to lose but so so much to gain! So get out there and join any of Uncustomary’s courses you won’t regret it.

So take a deep breath, yarnbomb something, wear glitter everywhere, and just be the youest you you can be! See this is what Uncustomary taught me I’m not just a stay-at-home mom I am many things and one of those things is a person who deserves things that are just for me, things I don’t have to share with anyone else, like every soda I’ve ever tried to drink around my kids for the last nine years! So take my advice and do this for you!” - Amy

* The live workshop was held on December 10th, the full replay is available