Life is more than appointments, deadlines, and reminders.

Life is about celebrating the unsual, appreciating the simple things, and expressing gratitude for the beauty in life!

What would it be like if you could look back in a year and have an entire book full of all the beautiful, joyous moments you were so grateful to experience over the past twelve months?


Hey Babe,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Uncustomary Planner. Every moment is opportunity. Seize this moment as an opportunity for your Future Self to thank you for all the documentation of the happiness your life actually has. The more we focus on positivity, the more it grows. Use this resource to celebrate yourself, your life, and the things you choose to experience this year. You won't regret it.

– Mary England,

The Uncustomary Planner is a tangible copy of your memory highlight reel and self-expression jumping off the page! Your accomplishments are spelled out for you.  

This is a planner unlike any other!

Yes, you can track your habits and remember when your next doctor's appointment is, but you are also going to get loving reminders every day of what there is to celebrate around you!

You won't have the chance to take things for granted because this planner is stocked full of prompts for celebration and reflection of gratitude. 

Monthly Affirmations

Start your month out with two customized positive affirmations that set a tone, theme, and focus for the month!

Monthly Bucket List Ideas

Not sure of where to focus your creativity and energy this month? I've come up with a list of ideas for every month that are non-seasonal, and completely unique!

Monthly Journaling Prompts

Throughout the month, you will be prompted to think deeper about things you're connecting to in the world and in yourself. You'll also be asked three big questions at the end of the month as a wrap-up to see what went really well this month and where you want to improve next month.

Weekly Self-Love Challenges

Every single week starts out with a way to challenge yourself in a way that promotes self-love and care! That means over 50 ways for you to grow and expand your mind, body, and self in this planner!

Weekly Self-Care Remiders

At some point, every week, I check in with you to remind you of simple self-care check-ins. Are you hydrating? Did you go outside today? When's the last time you took five minutes for yourself? You can use these to stop and slow down!

Weekly Gratitude Lists

In the Uncustomary Universe, we're BIG on gratitude! It's the foundation for which our perspective shifts into positivity! That's why every single week, I prompt you to list out the things you're grateful for or made you happy recently.

Daily Unusual Holidays

There are far more things to celebrate in the world than things we hire photographers for or get written invitiations to. Celebrating unusual holidays is a big way to acknowledge those "simple pleasures" or things we might take for granted! In fact, every single day on this calendar has an unusual holiday that you are welcome and encouraged to celebrate if you feel called to do so!

Wanna See Inside?

To get a look at the inside of the planner, you can do a preview on Amazon, or get an idea of the layout in the free month I gave away in December 2019 as a PDF! It's only gotten better since then, but that will give you the idea! I've also got some watermarked images on the Planner Highlight Reel of my Instagram!

But here are a few peeks of random pages for you to have an idea!

Here's why Babes love Uncustomary!

"Uncustomary has been a life changer for me. I'm not a naturally positive person. A few years ago, I was miserable, isolated, and down on myself, and that's when I decided to make a change. That's when I found Mary. She has helped me to see the positive sides of life and myself. I've literally changed my entire life within 3 years using the joy and support that I've received from Mary."

- Kitty

"Uncustomary is a straight up gift to humanity, and ever since she came into my life, my perspective has shifted to include more curiosity, joy, and wonder."

- Michelle 

"Mary is a fountain of positivity! She embodies her passion for self-love while acknowledging that it's sometimes difficult for all of us. Her posts remind us to express gratitude, really make me think about what made me happy this week, and be kind to myself. Al the important things that fall by the wayside when you're busy!"

- Jen

"...As a helping professonal I was looking for some guidance to do my own work on self-care and self-love. But, so many online resources are superficial, repetitive, and uninspiring, except Uncustomary. Uncustomary provides so much more than the mainstream 'eat some chocolate and take a bubble bath' self-care advice."

- Jenn

Where Can You Get The Uncustomary Planner?

The Uncustomary Planner is available for purchase on Amazon!

By buying the book on Amazon, you are getting the pre-bound book version in full-color!  

(It is also available on Amazon UK, CA, DE, FR, IT, and JP)

You can also choose to buy the PDF files of the planner as an instant download on my Etsy store, or get them in quarters (3 months at a time) if you don't want to commit to an entire year.

By buying the book on Etsy, you are responsible for any printing, binding, etc.

Get It On Amazon!

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