Life is more than appointments, deadlines, and reminders.

Life is about celebrating the unsual, appreciating the simple things, and expressing gratitude for the beauty in life!

What would it be like if you could look back in a year and have an entire book full of all the beautiful, joyous moments you were so grateful to experience over the past twelve months?

Download your FREE December 2020 PDF now for a taste of the 2021 planner!

Hey Babe,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Uncustomary Planner. Every moment is opportunity. Seize this moment as an opportunity for your Future Self to thank you for all the documentation of the happiness your life actually has. The more we focus on positivity, the more it grows. Use this resource to celebrate yourself, your life, and the things you choose to experience this year. You won't regret it.

– Mary England,

The Uncustomary Planner is a tangible copy of your memory highlight reel and self-expression jumping off the page! Your accomplishments are spelled out for you.

This is a planner unlike any other!

Yes, you can track your habits and remember when your next doctor's appointment is, but you are also going to get loving reminders every day of what there is to celebrate around you!

You won't have the chance to take things for granted because this planner is stocked full of prompts for celebration and reflection of gratitude. 

In a time of a pandemic, this is the ONLY planner that wasn't holding you accountable for missed appointments. It gave you the opportunity to document your joy, your feelings, and continue to work on your personal evolution!  

Monthly Affirmations

Start your month out with two customized positive affirmations that set a tone, theme, and focus for the month!

Monthly Bucket List Ideas

Not sure of where to focus your creativity and energy this month? I've come up with a list of ideas for every month that are non-seasonal, and completely unique! (These are catered to make sure that you can complete the activities in a safe, physically distanced way.)

Monthly Journaling Prompts

Throughout the month, you will be prompted to think deeper about things you're connecting to in the world and in yourself. You'll also be asked three big questions at the end of the month as a wrap-up to see what went really well this month and where you want to improve next month.

Weekly Self-Love Challenges

Every single week starts out with a way to challenge yourself in a way that promotes self-love and care! That means over 50 ways for you to grow and expand your mind, body, and self in this planner!

Weekly Self-Care Remiders

At some point, every week, I check in with you to remind you of simple self-care check-ins. Are you hydrating? Did you go outside today? When's the last time you took five minutes for yourself? You can use these to stop and slow down!

Weekly Gratitude Lists

In the Uncustomary Universe, we're BIG on gratitude! It's the foundation for which our perspective shifts into positivity! That's why every single week, I prompt you to list out the things you're grateful for or made you happy recently.

Daily Unusual Holidays

There are far more things to celebrate in the world than things we hire photographers for or get written invitiations to. Celebrating unusual holidays is a big way to acknowledge those "simple pleasures" or things we might take for granted! In fact, every single day on this calendar has an unusual holiday that you are welcome and encouraged to celebrate if you feel called to do so!

Wanna See Inside?

To get a look at the inside of the planner, you can do a preview on Amazon, or get an idea of the layout in the free month I gave away in December 2019 as a PDF! It's only gotten better since then, but that will give you the idea! I've also got some watermarked images on the Planner Highlight Reel of my Instagram!

But here are a few peeks of random pages for you to have an idea!

Here's why Babes love the Uncustomary Planner!

"I'm not usually a paper planner kind of person, but so far I am loving this Uncustomary planner! It is full of little reminders to be mindful of the little magical things in life. My favorite little bit so far is the "currently smelling..." box (what a funny little snapshot of my week!)  

This planner is an excellent companion for my goals to spend my time and energy on things that matter to me. I also adore how each month has its own color making it easy to skip ahead to pencil in reminders down the road. 

There is clearly a lot of thought and love put into the whole design of this thing. It looks cute sitting on my kitchen table at the ready. I like that it is flexible and lightweight despite having some chonk to it (plenty of space for writing!) It might not be super portable, but it works great for scheduling my inner work time."  

- Sandy

"This is a nice, large, lightweight planner, with a cheerful cover. It has monthly and weekly views for the year, as well as encouraging messages throughout, and pages to reflect back on each month. It is both colorful and fun, and includes unusual holidays, such as As Young As You Feel Day, No Diet Day, and Eat Outside Day. 

There is plenty of room to write notes or lists on each weekly spread. And if you need to tuck notes into the planner, it is a large format, 8.5" x 11", and has a perfect binding (glued). Each month is a different color, making it easy to find the month you need. I like that it is less focused on appointments and to-do lists, and more focused on gratitude, appreciating little things, and celebrating life and joy. Thank you, Uncustomary!"

- Lisa

"This planner is beautiful! The paper is high quality and it’s obvious a lot of love and care went into its creation."

- Angelique

"I usually love the *idea* of planners but tend to get them, use them for a few days, and then forget them. I always have grand plans to organize my calendar in such a manner but fall off because the planners are not that fun or they are overwhelming. This planner has actually changed my outlook on having a physical planner again. I love it!  

At first glance, it is beautiful with different colors for every month, the cover feels amazing (so soft!), there is plenty of room for me to write (big and feels spacious.) Once I dove in I love the sprinkling in of Mary's personality- usual holidays listed in the month view as well as the days in the week view so I will be reminded of important things like Ice Cream Day and Road Trip day. It is a perfect way to have a sense of joy and whimsy in the most intense work days.  

I also really love the week challenges to remember to call or text someone I love them or to say I love you to myself in the mirror. I have daily practices that I do, but this is a nice reminder when I am in planning or doing mode. I feel excited but not overwhelmed, like Mary is here with me giving me inspiration. <3 I can't wait to see what else she creates."  

- Maura

 "Loving my planner this year! 💜 Did you know January 22nd was Answer Your Cat's Questions day??"  

- Jenn

"I've been enjoying mine. It's helped me focus on the areas I care about most. It's a small thing, but having the months color coded has been SUPER helpful to me. There are so many little thoughtful details!"  

- Phototonic

"I had been searching for a fun paper planner but nothing was quite right... until Mary came along! This is the perfect mix of planner and gratitude journal complete with fun prompts, bright colors, and a dash of whimsy. We use it every night to recap our day, writing down everything we are grateful for and all the little happy moments. It is just what I was looking for! I hope there’s one for next year, too!" 

- Sally

"Such a fun, colorful planner. There is a lot of space to write in your plans and plenty of prompts and daily celebrations on the daily/weekly pages. Love this book!"

- April

"I recently got your planner and it's AMAZING! What a treat! I have been stressed out at work and it's a bright light to remember to celebrate every day! It's just fun to hear about all the silly national holidays. It makes you think about the small delights of life that mean so much!  

I feel more present in my life just thinking about your suggested celebrations each day. It really turned the switch on for me to give myself permission to plan something special each day in one way or another. Just puts a smile on my face and that is the best way to start and end the day. In the space for each day, I write down 3 things that I'm grateful for or accomplished. I am so much more in tune with myself and more present with everyone in my life. Celebrating everyday is a brilliant way to live! I'm so thankful that you have made a beautiful, colorful, inspiring planner for myself and others to start living each day with greater purpose to create exciting, happy moments in everyday life.  

I hope, pray, send good vibes into the universe for you to get your planner out for people everywhere to Celebrate Life and bring healing, wealth and prosperity for you, too! You have created a beautiful, life giving planner that truly makes a difference. For when you touch one life, it is the butterfly effect and ripples outward to affecting soooo, sooooooo many! You have created a powerful message and miracles are coming!"  

- Melissa

"I love your planner! Thank you for all your time, energy, and your whole glittery self that you put into it! You make a difference! You are so inspirational to remind me and so many others to enjoy the little things in life worth living."  

- Melissa

"Life is so much more fun with an Uncustomary Planner. 

So far this year I have 

- Rediscovered jigsaws - Had rose quartz and charcoal face masks - Started a new cross stitch project - Experimented with balloon decor - Watched March Of The Penguins 1 & 2 - Worked on penguin cross stitch - Tried calligraphy" 

- Juniper

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