Mercury Retrograde starts October 13th and goes through Election Season/Day! Feeling nervous, scared, or unsure? Want to thrive during it? I can help you not just understand it, but re-write the story that this is something we are "doomed" to experience!


Do You Know What Mercury Retrograde Is?

You’ve probably heard lots of people talking about it…

  • Worried about what “problems” are going to arise as a result
  • What to do and not to do during it
  • “It’s not my fault, it’s Mercury Retrograde”
  • How now we’re now “responsible for our own problems” when it’s over
  • Memes making fun of it being 'Mercury in Gatorade'

Do we really know what it is, though? Or is it just something we’ve come to use a blanket term to describe when we don’t actually know what’s happening, how it’s affecting us, what we actually have control over, and so much more.

Mercury Retrograde something that happens multiple times a year, and past experiences have led us to feel like it’s around a month of full hiatus where...

  • Goddess forbid we make a decision
  • Have an important conversation
  • Utilize any form of technology
  • Take responsibility for our own behavior
  • Sign a document
  • Travel

Let's Rewrite That Old, Limited Story, Shall We?

Next Mercury Retrograde starts October 13th and goes until November 3rd, which happens to be Election Day in the US. This is a pretty intense time already, and to throw Mercury Retrograde in the mix might make us feel extra on edge and scared.

I am here to break down what Mercury Retrograde is for you. How to survive AND thrive during it, with a new e-course! It will be a lesson every day over the course of 3 weeks

The lessons will:

  • Be easy-to-digest on the go
  • Come to your inbox AND be in a Teachable vault for lifetime access
  • Have homework lessons to help you process the information
  • Be in multiple formats (written, audio, videos)
  • Come with bonuses like worksheets, playlists, resources, EFT training, journaling prompts, affirmations, and more
  • Include everything from education on understanding the foundation to creating perspective in mindset to make it less scary, to providing stress/anxiety relief, to making this season work for YOU

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  • The lessons will start coming to your inbox on October 13th, 2020 EDT and will continue for 3 weeks
  • You can sign up at anytime, and the daily e-mails will start at that point
  • In addition to the inbox lessons, those same lessons and media will be uploaded to Teachable, where you will receive a unique login and have access to the e-course/materials forever
  • When you sign up via PayPal, I will then send a confirmation e-mail to your PayPal e-mail welcoming you and giving you the information you need (if your working e-mail is different than PayPal, please make a note of that when you check out)
  • Teachable lessons will be uploaded as the course progresses, some in advance, but not too far, to keep you in the present and on track
  • If you have an issue with checking out via PayPal and would like to pay in another format (Venmo, Zelle, etc.) just send me an Instagram DM (@uncustomarylove) or an e-mail at and we can work something out