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Every month, I host a workshop inside of the Merriment Makers Membership Group based on that month's theme.

This Month's Theme Is Passion + Purpose!

We are talking about why we're even here! That nagging question: WHAT'S MY PASSION?

I'm going to walk you through how to identify what your passion/purpose is, how to help other people with your passion, and use that passion to motivate your regular day to day life even if you're depressed.


  • 90 minute workshop replay
  • 11 page printable workbook with journaling questions
  • 6 Digital Social Media Affirmations
  • Inspiration playlist
  • Pep Talk
  • Partying With Leaders And Helpers with Uncustomary WK lesson and worksheet
  • 50 Ways To Be More Productive
  • Lifelong access on Teachable

We’re going over…

💙 a super easy and very insightful personality test
💙 the two-fold WHY’s
💙 4 sets of questions to determine your unique purpose/area of service
💙 how to get motivated (even when you’re depressed)
💙 the 5 stages of dharma discovery by Sahara Rose
💙 acting in alignment

Merriment Makers get this for FREE. If you are not a member, you can still get access to this for a one time fee. Or you can join for the month and see what other bonuses you get!

  • What if instead of feeling aimless about why you exist, you became clear about what what your purpose is in this chapter of your life?
  • What instead of wondering if you're contributing to society, you had an easy plan of how your passion can help others?
  • What if instead of feeling overwhelmed and uninspired by your to do list, you were intrinsically motivated to show up for daily tasks because you understood their connection to a bigger goal?

"I followed Uncustomary ~ her books and classes ~ before I began coaching with her. I’m so grateful I took the dive to get the personalized support from her! Uncustomary has so much experience, insight and wisdom.

Working with her has really helped me accomplish a long-held dream. Honestly, I didn’t know that what I wanted to create was really possible. But she helped me vision, break down the steps and create a course I’ve been only thinking about forever!

I highly recommend her as a coach for your personal life, business, passion project! I’m going to keep working with her!!" - Amy

* This workshop was held live on January 8th, a full replay is available