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New Moon and Zodiac Season Workshops online every month

Tap into self-care regardless of spirituality every season!



These workshops are something I've grown to love, and I know you have grown to love, too. We have people tuning in from every demographic and religion or not otherwise specified. It's been making my heart swell so big!

After six months of doing this online, I started taking a look at the amount of time it takes to put together the lectures, activities, worksheets, meditations, find the things for the giveaway prize, and realized how little I was charging myself per hour.

I always always always want to be accessible to you, and I hold myself to that standard. That being said, this is essentially a masterclass workshop that lasts for around 2 and a half hours, and when you jump on the live call, I give you some live coaching for free as a part of your participation, which I am happy to do! That 2.5 hours plus all the work and money for supplies, etc. adds up, and I'm frankly selling myself short and I wouldn't want anyone to do that, including you. Charge what you're worth, baby!

For the next week, all the replays of the past seasons (except Aries because we had some sound issues with that one) will be available for you to purchase for only $5. On September 23, the price is going up a little bit for those, and the price is increasing for the tickets for a live ticket and a replay ticket for Libra Season 2020 and proceeding workshops.

The new price ALSO comes with some added bonuses, like Things To Add To Your Altar Worksheets, Gifts To Give Your Favorite (Libra), fancier cheat sheets, guides to use crystals, and more! The giveaway goodies are getting more intense, too!

If you are struggling in these times and can't afford to attend at the new price, you can reach out to me with no hesitation at and we can talk about sliding scale options for you and your current situation.

I hope you are excited to continue evolving on this journey with me. If this is how we progressed in six months, who knows where we'll be in a year?!

Who Am I?

My name is Mary England, otherwise known as Uncustomary. I've been hosting Moon Gatherings and Workshops in person and online since 2017. I've taught workshops at Metaphysical events such as Witchfest and Karmafest on crystals, body positivity, and more. My business is dedicated to helping people continue their journey of self-love and personal development!

See Last Season's Highlight Reel!

What Do You Get During A Workshop?

The beauty of every workshop is that they cover different themes, inspired by the current zodiac season. That said, there are some things you can always count on!

  • Lecture/Presentation on 4 self-love topics
  • Low impact movement portion
  • At least 2 personal development activities
  • Journaling
  • Group discussion
  • Custom meditation
  • Giveaway
  • Google Drive full of resources
  • Affirmations
  • List of gift ideas for things to get your favorite Libra
  • Things To Add To Your Libra Altar Worksheet
  • Additional worksheets and printables
  • Full replay
  • E-mail in advance telling you how to best prepare
I Want To Join!

"While I didn't take any pictures of my belly, I did save my post-it notes and have them in my journal. I find them helpful to remind myself that my belly is amazing and not my defining feature. Weight and image are really big in my immediate family, and then there's me. Hello body shame. My old way of just ignoring the feelings that this brings are over. You inspired me to be friendly with my belly and remember how amazing it is and the amazing things it does for me.

Saying all that, this workshop was BEYOND my expectations. So many things clicked into place with the tapping, the belly art, and the meditation. I learned a lot about this season and how to use it's energy to organize my personal space, and my schedule. And the belly work.  I loved that so much. That is not one of my favorite body parts, but I felt a difference in the few minutes we spent sending it love and kind words. I added belly affirmations to my morning ritual to help me remember how important and amazing my belly actually is.

This is not my last workshop. I cannot wait to attend the next one. Thank you so much for your wisdom, heart and your passion."

- Courtney 

"Uncustomary's Monthly Moon Group Meetings are PRICELESS! I consider myself a pretty positive person, but UC Moon Group gives me a check-in to keep in touch with myself & my goals for self growth.๐Ÿ˜Š UC Moon Group has all the resources needed to engage your soul & keep you on TRACK.

๐Ÿ’› In these uncertain times, one thing is for sure: Mary's current rate is a steal! ๐Ÿ˜” Nowadays, I think of my digital purchases for webinars & zoom pow-wows as way to supplement my emotional health & social life.โœจ If you're not able to attend the event on the date or time listed, the current rate nabs you the Replay! Uncustomary makes Moon Meetings work for YOU, so you can watch UC's Moon Meeting on YOUR schedule, & still get the self-care/ self-growth worksheets on Google drive.

๐ŸŒˆ Uncustomary's resource are astrologically themed, seasonally apropos, but nurturing and fun all year round! ๐ŸŒˆThe content is all created by Uncustomary from scratch!โœจ She spends countless hours assembling materials for OUR needs.๐ŸŒˆ UC content is unique and uniquely helpful stuff you just can't find anywhere else.

๐Ÿ˜Š I'm proud to buy a ticket to UC Moon Group each month because I know in doing so, I'm not only investing in myself, but I'm also supporting a boss babe business. I'm also finding new ways to connect with others, making like-minded and supportive new friends from the Uncustomary community around the globe.๐Ÿ’› I can't thank her enough, so I'll just say: LOVE Uncustomary Moon Group to the 'moon' and back!๐Ÿ˜˜" - Lola

What's Happening In This Current Libra Season Workshop?

It's Libra Season! This month's workshop will be held on Friday, October 2nd at 7 PM EDT.

Here's what you can expect (keeping in mind ALL the constants listed above)!

  • Romance (Yourself & Others)
  • Practicing Feng Shui
  • Speaking Your Truth
  • Creating Balance
  • Tai Chi
  • Lower Back Stretches
  • Positive Affirmations For Back
  • Self-Care Balance Worksheets
  • List of gift ideas for things to get your favorite Libra
  • Things To Add To Your Libra Altar Worksheet
  • Tutorial on how to use a Life Changing App on understanding your life purpose, friendships, past and current romances

Libra's sign is the scale. I encourage you to think of balance as you dress for the occasion. Maybe how your dualities intertwine between masculine and feminine. Yin and yang. Pink and blue are also good Libra colors. But there is no dress code! Come as you are.

Libra also rules the kidneys and lower back. I encourage you to eat foods that are good for the kidneys and lower back before and after you come to this event and in general!

"I was very frazzled entering into the New Moon workshop. Maryโ€™s organization and resources alone renewed a sense of stability in me. Everyone was very welcoming!! The activity of decorating a picture of yourself from a previous time in your life helped recenter me. The stretching & meditation was super helpful. We tend to forget how much tension is in our body and it really helped me release a good amount of it. The energy in the room was fantastic!!! As a long time Instagram follower (years!!!) Iโ€™m so glad I finally enrolled. The free content is amazing BUT participating fully in the workshops and Uncustomary Babes Facebook group is on a full other level of GREATNESS :-) 

I immediately made self-care a TOP priority after the first workshop. I was so excited for the next one!! I couldnโ€™t make it to the live one & had major FOMO. The Zoom replay was still FANTASTIC!!! I realized how vulnerable I have been lately-especially starting a new job and putting lots of pressures on myself. I enjoyed everything the Leo workshop had to offer-the laughing yoga (hysterical!), personal shares, mirror exercise, meditation, etc. etc!! The replay still went by just as fast as in person/live Zoom. I really enjoy all of the valuable information and realness!!" - Cait

"I had a really great time! I've never done tapping or affirmations and activities towards a single body part like that and my belly is definitely my biggest challenge body part." - Carolynn

"As someone who is new to astrology, Uncustomary's Moon Workshops have been very informative. Each month we learn about a different sign and how we can effectively put that energy to use. Her workshops are very detailed and go over every aspect of how each sign is related and how we can bring each signโ€™s energy into our own lives. From specific exercises, fun activities, certain music, different food, meditation, and so much more. I would recommend Mary's classes for anyone just beginning to learn or anyone who is well seasoned in astrology." - April

What About The Giveaway?

Every month I put everyone's name in a hat and draw one name who is the winner for a giveaway! The items for the giveaway vary every month.

Libra Season Giveaway - $200 value + Free Shipping


Instant Canon camera
Instant Canon film
Romantic skeleton 4-ever love
Passion potion holder
Air diffuser
Essential oils (3)
Pink candle & holder
Rose quartz crystal
Rose spray

Yes, you can win if you don't attend live.

No, you cannot win if you're not in the 49 mainland United States (Alaska and Hawaii/International excluded due to shipping prices, sorry!)

"I really liked all the affirmations she shared for building confidence and mirror affirmations for self-love! I loved the YouTube videos on boundaries and letting go of guilt about setting boundaries. Those were really helpful and I plan to rewatch and practice the EFT/tapping one frequently as this is something I need to work on!! I liked the talk about courage and vulnerability and identifying and unpacking fears. I also loved the examples and explanation for being very specific and clear about what you want - also something that I need to work on more!! Also, the tips for becoming more resilient were gold and the laughter yoga was hilarious - so great!! I have been and will continue to highly recommend following her IG and her YouTube channel and joining her monthly workshops!!" - Emily

"Mary's Cancer New Moon Workshop was great! She talked us through two activities and gave us some time to ponder some journal prompts relating to Cancer Season. I also loved the meditation at the end that centered on releasing extra baggage that may be weighing us down." - April

"Mary's Moon Workshops have been nights I look forward to all week because I have a chance to experience the moon cycle in a whole new way. I always learn something new, get to try a new activity that is always fun, and have time to reflect and learn something new about myself. I love how these workshops are so much more than what you would expect a normal moon night to be, they are infused with Maryness and designed and led with care as to the experience of the people coming." - Maura

Pictures of past live events (reminder these events are currently only held online)

"These New Moon Workshops are my latest self-care indulgence. I always leave them feeling recharged." - Jenn

"Uncustomary's moon groups are creative and fun. Mary's happy and loving energy is contagious. I always feel safe enough to ask questions and say I don't know something." - Darian

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The live event will be held October 2nd, at 7 PM EDT.

You can still sign up at any point to watch the replay.