Uncustomary's Metaphysical Services

Allow me to help you use magic as a tool for self-care!

Hi I'm Mary!

I've shown magial tendencies since I was in preschool wth premonitions, being able to guess numbers and colors, seeing auras, having Synesthesia, and being extremely empathic to other people's energies. I've really tuned into my magical abilities the past few years and am ready to give back, because I believe magic can be a form of self-care and healing. If you're ready to bring metaphysical practices into your life, I'd love to take that journey with you hand in hand.

"I'm so glad I decided to get a reading from Mary. Not only was she eerily accurate with what might be going on with my life, but her words and wisdom resonated with me so much. Watching her video really allowed me to build my self-awareness and look inward from a new angle. A lot of people think things like this are too 'out there', but it was the most grounded and practical thing I have done in a long time. Mary is incredibly knowledgeable about astrology, birth charts, and everything in her craft. I will be coming back to her for more guidance without a doubt. If you've never had something like this done before or are on the fence, jump in! You won't regret it what she shares with you!" - Sarah


Any of these services can be purchased in a bundle. For bundle pricing, please e-mail me directly at mary@uncustomary.org

Bay Leaf Burning

Manifest your burning desires  

+ You can make up to three wishes + I will write those wishes on bay leaves + I will perform a ceremony where I burn the leaves with your wishes on them + You will receive a video of the ritual 


Tarot Reading

Looking into the future?  

+ You can ask a question you'd like to know the answer to + I will draw three Tarot cards for you to answer your question in a Past, Present, Future set up + You will receive pictures of the cards I pull as well as a write-up of my interpretation of your reading 

Full/New Moon Reading

Prepare for any upcoming full or new moon with me  

+ I will go over how the moon will affect your sun sign + I will also give you tips on general themes for celebrating this moon, activities that coincide with it, journaling prompts/things to ask yourself, as well as relevants crystals and apothecary + You will receive a downladable PDF of the moon cheat sheet 

Astrology Natal Chart 

Want to know how the stars were aligned on the day you were born?

+ I will tell you where all the planets were located at the time you entered this world and how that affects you as a person today + You can use that information to gain insight to your personality + You will receive a downloadable PDF of your natal chart  


Cast A Spell

Looking to make some magic happen?

+ I will work with you on a topic you're struggling with and create a unique spell that will manifest a positive outcome in your favor + Possible topics for spells include: abundance, love, protection, attraction, passion, luck, releasing fear, etc. + You will receive a video of the spell I cast for you  

Guided Meditation

Need some relaxation to calm the anxieties in your life?

+ I will create a guided meditation (at least 10 minutes long) for you based on topic you are currently struggling with + You will receive an MP3 file of the guided meditation I record for you 

Check Out Now

"I had a full moon reading that was delivered via video. It was very personalized and interesting as I'd never had anything done like that before. I appreciate the time she dedicated to my personal reading." - Garci

"You could be charging soo much more for these moon readings. This was easily worth $50 at least!" - Sarah

Any of these can be purchased as a live service for an additional fee. *Please note that purchasing these services on the check out page means they will be a recorded service and NOT LIVE.