Merriment Making: A Guide To Getting Back Your JOY!

By Uncustomary

Looking to create more joy, fun, play, cheer, and exuberance in your daily life? Merriment Making: A Guide To Getting Back Your JOY! is just for you. This ultimate experience contains all of the lessons, examples, expertise, and truths about how to find more joy, even if you feel like it's been lost or you can't remember the last time you felt it.

It is your key to finding Merriment in life, not just on the occasions we take off work or buy cards for. It is the tool you've been waiting for to feel passionate about the "simple" things again while also addressing the fears that keep us from embodying, creating, and spreading joy.

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What this program has to offer:

Merriment Making: The Guide To Getting Back Your JOY! contains everything you could want to know about cultivating more Merriment and JOY in your life, from strategies, shadow work, real life experience (successes and mistakes), and tangible exercises and activities to implement immediately.

At the beginning of every month you receive a new chapter filled with the following:


A hard copy of a downloadable PDF of the current chapter. This can be read on your digital device or printed out.


A video of me guiding you through the shadow work (the harder parts/ confronting your fear) of the chapter, in a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.


An MP3 file of me reading the current chapter out loud for you to listen to while you workout, drive, or lie in bed.


Every chapter will have multiple downloadable/printable worksheet that will assist you in processing the strategies discussed in the chapter. These will include journaling prompts and additional shadow work.


A list of activities and examples of ways you can begin to implement the topic that will include ways that are both accessible to people of all mental and physical abilities. There will also be external resources provided for further education.


Once a month there will be a live Zoom call (1 PM Eastern on Saturdays) where you can come join me and everyone else, ask questions, share your progress, and get 1:1 coaching with me! There will be Replays available!

You also get a bonus Merriment Maker Membership Card with the 10 Commandments Of Merriment Making on the back MAILED TO YOU for free, no matter where you are in the world!

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This is not just a book. This is a year-long experience.

The content is dripped to you one month at a time so you have the opportunity to:

  • Not feel overwhelmed with an entire book at once that will just sit on your shelf
  • Assimilate, integrate, and implement the concepts and work on your own time
  • Digest your reactions and results and get feedback with me in a 1:1 more intimate way
  • Feel excited to have new content come out on the first of every month
  • Actually see results in real time instead of trying to do everything at once

This is not just about "fluffy" joy. This is deep shit.

Every chapter, we work on an aspect of Merriment Making (embodying, creating, and spreading joy) AND facing at least one deep-seeded fear.

Every chapter, we go through deep rooted fears and are building a sturdy foundation of self-love to stand on, instead of throwing a random lesson here or there at a belief that is deeply digested and immersed in our bodies and minds.

To truly rewire our brains, we need to be in total alignment, and THAT'S what Merriment Making teaches.

We are talking about:

  • Being scared of being happy
  • Hating our physical bodies
  • Fear, trauma, pain, and addiction
  • Feeling burnt out, unmotivated, and procrastinating
  • Not having an orgasm
  • Our inner critic
  • Feeling passionless and purposeless
  • Feeling out of place and unaccepted (including by ourselves)
  • Forgiveness
  • Scarcity with money
  • Blocks of not being able to play or be creative
  • Hoarding reasons to celebrate
  • Feeling hopelessly pessimistic
  • Being ungrounded and unable to feel mindful and focused
  • Being in relationships that hurt and cycle toxic patterns
  • Fear that being happy makes us selfish and stupid

If you feel like ANY or ALL of these things are something you struggle with, let me help you work on the fears and pain surrounding them so we can UNLOCK the PLEASURE, PLAY, AND MERRIMENT that awaits you!

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This includes $47 of bonus workshops and a membership card mailed to you!

The first chapter was released on June 1st, 2021.
The next chapter will be released at the beginning of every month until June 2022.

1 payment of $150 $99 or
2 payments of $50

The Chapters!

1 - What Is Merriment Making?

2 - Trauma, Addictions, + Habits

3 - Loving Yourself Merrily

4 - Optimism, Positivity, + Perspective

5A - Merry Motivation

5B - Projects + Potential

6 - Passion!

7 - Mindfulness + Succulence

8 - Celebrations, Play, + Pleasure

9 - Creativity

10 - Magic

11 - Relationships, Sex, + Embodiment

12 - Adventure + Being A Merriment Maker In The World

* The live coaching calls go from June 1st 2021-June 1st 2022.
Anyone can join at anytime and gain access to ALL the materials for lifetime access.

Sign Up Bonuses!

As a bonus for signing up for this book, you also get lifetime access to Merriment Making In My World with all of these additional lessons!

  • A Month Of Merriment Workbook
  • Why I Can't (CAN!) Be Happy EFT/Tapping Training Video
  • Merriment Meditation
  • Merriment Divine Feminine Embodiment Practice
  • How To Be Of Service To Someone Else Merriment Challenge
  • Miss Uncustomary Rogers: Be Kind To The Things We Love Lecture
  • UncustoBobby Ross - Merriment Symbolism Lecture
  • 2021 Merriment Webinar Replay
  • Tarot Reading: The Fool - PLAY!
  • Tarot Reading: 4 Of Wands Reversed - Celebrate Yourself!
  • Tarot Reading: 5 Of Swords Reversed - Bringing Merriment To Conflict!
  • Tarot Reading: Page Of Swords - Being Prepared/Not Waiting Around!
  • Optimism Themed Meditation
  • 20 Digital Merriment Themed Affirmations
  • Merriment Themed Pinterest Board, Desktop Image, Phone Backgrounds, Playlist
  • Merriment Maker Certificate

You also get access to the Happy Habits workshop to help you out with forming new feel-good habits in Chapter 2!

Is This Program For You?

Merriment Making: The Guide To Getting Back Your JOY! is for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling like it's all work and no play
  • You feel dread about things in your life
  • You feel an enormous sense of pressure and obligation every day
  • You miss your child-like sense of play
  • You can't remember the last time you relaxed
  • You feel an extreme sense of overwhelm and stress
  • You can't remember the last time you were happy
  • You felt happy today
  • You don't believe you were ever truly happy
  • You are willing to read and do the exercises
  • You believe change is possible

Merriment Making: The Guide To Getting Back Your JOY! is not for you if:

  • You are not interested in being happy
  • You are happy not being happy
  • You think that just reading or purchasing this is going to be a magic spell that changes your life
  • You don't believe change is possible

Merriment Maker Students Are Going Strong!

"I wanted to let you know that I made a lot of progress since working the first chapter.  In April, I broke my leg going down the steps too fast.  It has changed my perspective of life.  Firstly, I am so thankful for all the blessings that I have.  Family, friends, and community.  I used to complain about doing dishes, errands, cleaning, and making dinner.  As I am in the process of recovering, I am so happy to be able to do all these chores and more.  I have recognized what is important and what is not.  After going on my first errand by myself, I was driving back, listening to my favorite music and thought, "I love my life!"  I haven't said that since college.  

My hubby and I have had 33 years together, raised 4 kids and have 2 grandkids for which I am truly grateful.  Yet, I got into a zone and just coasted along.  Sometimes, life was so challenging that all I could do was survive one day at a time.  With Merriment Making, we can highlight the beauty of life- breathing and being a part of it.  We can enjoy and savor the amazing people, places and things that we share in this wonderful world.  We can celebrate each moment.  We can pat ourselves on the back for getting thru a hard day.  It's time to live on purpose.  Tough times are the lessons to give us more wisdom to live by and share.  Good times bring us joy that we can hold in our hearts for a lifetime and beyond.  Your Merriment Making book is so inspiring and I'm so excited about finding joy in the simple everyday moments thru Merriment Making! 

Currently, I find myself running away from my dreams.  I procrastinate and make excuses to avoid working on my goals.  I distract myself with this, that and the other.  I have made a start and have gotten stuck.  Instead of running away, I would like to run in the direction of my purpose.  My injury caused me to slow down and evaluate my whole life.  I am in the process of literally relearning to walk. I know that Merriment Making is going to be an opportunity to learn how to walk on a new path towards my dreams.  Change begins with love, acceptance and honesty about who you are in the moment.  Right now, I love my life!  Thank you, Mary for being a part of my journey in Merriment Making for myself and others!"

"I adored how Mary spends this book cheering you on, while also giving advice about self love that is practical, heartfelt, and very helpful all at once. I appreciated that I was encouraged to not just read what she was saying, but take it a step further and write my own experiences about it/responses to it. I even used a colorful pen to match the very colorful layout."

- Colleen about "This Is About You", my first book

"An excellent self-help book. I'm sure I'll be revisiting this one multiple times. It's packed with uplifting "homework", actionable lists, and lots of color. Reading this book feels like having a conversation with a friend who knows what you're going through and just wants the best for you."

- Sarah about "This Is About You",
my first book

Do You Feel Disconnected From Joy?

The past year (plus) has been pretty damn intense to say the least.

It's incredibly natural for you to feel sad, stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, grieved, and ultimately disconnected from your child-like sense of joy, play, and wonder.

I promise you that I am not going to gloss over real life issues of death, illness, poverty, addiction, trauma, and more.

I've been called a "Practical Optimist", which I adore. We can't have grief without the love first, but that doesn't mean the pain hurts any less. In fact, the more you love, the more it hurts.

So whether the idea of getting your joy "back" sounds foreign because you can't remember when it was there ever before, you feel like it comes and goes, or is just out of reach due to whatever reason... I know that I can offer you an enormous set of skills, tools, stories, resources, perspectives, and more to help break through limiting stories, feelings of stuck-ness, disappointment, ruts, and more.

That said, despite working at a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, getting my BA in Psychology, and being a Life Coach, I am not a licensed therapist or doctor. (Read more about me below.) Clinical depression and other mental illnesses are real and need to be treated as such.

No Abstract Fluff Without Action

Not only is this program a fully immersive experience with more than 12 chapters on unique topics under the larger concept of Merriment, live coaching, videos, and worksheets, but I'm also approaching this program with a unique set of life experiences.

I personally dislike personal development books and products that inspire the hell out of you in a very abstract way, then you get to the end of the chapter and there's nothing tangible for you to do or take away. Like, yes, okay, that felt good, but what do I do now? That's why I'm READING THIS!

So I promise you, that while I will share personal things from my life, they will be purposeful, and every single chapter will always have actionable items for you to take with you. Things you can do that day, things you can do over and over again, things you can do over time.

I also am approaching this as someone who has had over six mental illnesses for over twenty years, is fat, and recently has experienced physical disability in a way I never had before with a fractured bone and two torn ligaments in my leg. That means that the activities will be extremely sensitive to all types of abilities, bodies, and sensitivities. I know that what works for one person might not work for another. You are always free to try whatever you want, keep what feels good, and toss what doesn't!

For more background: I have personal experience with C-PTSD, Bipolar, OCD, Tourette's Syndrome, Panic Disorder, Trichotillomania, Anorexia, Self-Harm, Suicide, Drug Addiction, Sexual Abuse/Assault.
I am also a part of the LGBTQIAP+ community, have experience with Polyamory, Non-Monogamy, and Kink.

I am currently in therapy myself, take medications, enrolled in multiple educational programs to constantly be learning, have previously published a book, graduated with a BA in Psychology, worked at a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center for 5 years, own my own business, and am currently a Life Coach.

Is Happiness A Frivolous Or Selfish Topic?

I know that happiness can feel like a really frivolous and privileged topic. There might be a part of you that feels like there are wars, oppression, poverty, and intense pain and trauma all over the world and the idea of focusing on practicing "Merriment" is selfish and superficial.

I get that.

Here's are three things I want you to understand:

1) Your ability to have empathy for others who are in pain likely means that you know exactly what it's like to be in pain.

2) The fact that someone else is in pain does not mean that your pain is not valid. It is amazing that you have perspective and aren't being a martyr, but it is also important to recognize your own pain because without doing that you can't change it.

3) Creating more joy in yourself will give you more time, energy, and resources to actually make a difference for other people who are in painPracticing Merriment isn't done just for ourselves. It is done so we can feel good, yes, but I believe our greatest opportunity in this life is to be of service. You can't be of service with your unique gifts if you are in so much pain and fear that you are are scared to go after your dreams, whether they are for you, the collective or both.

All three of these things are exactly why you are an excellent candidate to be a student in my new program.

If you have big dreams that feel stuck or on hold, if you want to raise the vibration of your mind, body, spirit, and energy, and also another person, community, or the whole damn world, it starts with YOU.

Are you willing to face your fear of why you don't believe happiness is available for you? Of why you personally can't be happy but you think it's possible for other people? Because you can be happy. Not every minute of every day. It's a practice. And I'm telling you that as someone with over half a dozen mental illnesses, including depression and Bipolar I.

We are not our labels. They educate us on how to make our Merriment Practices work for us in a more catered and unique way. But if I let my illnesses stop me from practicing Merriment, from starting my business, from writing, from loving, from living... I wouldn't be here.

I want to show you that it's possible for all of us. Including YOU.

Who Am I?

Hi!, I'm Uncustomary. I started my business, Uncustomary in 2013 to share my journey with self-love, body image, and personal development. It has grown immensely to be able to help people all over the world in so many ways, for which I am incredibly grateful for!

I wrote my first book This Is About You: Amazing, Weird Beautiful You in 2016. It has 5 Stars on Amazon. I am so honored to be able to bring you this new up-leveled book and program on a topic I am incredibly passionate about.

Mary England |

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You can purchase this now for one payment of $150 $99 or 2 payments of $50.

That's less than $8 a month for each chapter, custom videos, worksheets, journaling, live group coaching, replays, accountability, and more!

This includes $47 of bonus workshops and a membership card mailed to you!

The first chapter was released on June 1st, 2021.
The next chapter will be released at the beginning of every month until June 2022.

1 payment of $150 $99 or
2 payments of $50