The Merriment Making Missions Deck

By Uncustomary

Looking to be your own good news? Draw a card a day for prompts on how to FEEL good and DO good every day!


I'm really excited to bring my first deck of cards to the world!

Something that's become clear to me more than ever lately is how important TANGIBLE action is in terms of all areas of our life versus only theory.

We can talk about how much we want to be in love, then find an amazing partner and run from that love. We can say we want to be kind, then be presented with an incredible opportunity to be kind and squander it.

We are constantly presented with options and opportunities every single day to be the people we want to be, and often we choose to not say yes to them.

I know how easy it is to say yes please to things we don't want to do and no thank you to things we want to do, and my entire life goal with Merriment Making is to course correct this wacky alignment so we are saying yes please to what feels good and no thank you to what doesn't.

If you are drawn to creativity, kindness, exploration, self-care, embodiment, and play, this deck is FOR YOU and going make it even more easy to say yes please to things that feel good to you.

You purchasing this deck helps me tremendously with covering the production costs and I am SO grateful for every purchase!

This deck is Operation Merriment with you on the go. It doesn't need to be complicated. It's supposed to be simple. So let's keep it that way.

What this deck has to offer...

Merriment Making is embodying, creating, and spreading joy

for the streets, spaces, and special someones

with art, fun, and love.

7 Categories

The cards are divided into 7 categories of Merriment Missions: Celebrating, Creating, Playing, Exploring, Moving Your Body, Self-Care, and Acts Of Kindness.

Shape Coordination

Seven shapes that correlate to different types of Merriment Making Missions. That way every time you see a Heart, you know you've found something related to self-care, etc.

111 Cards

There are enough cards that you could go about four month before repeating if you completed an activity every single day!

Rainbow Design

A bright, beautiful, and colorful design for you to see a happy rainbow every time you get your deck out!

Easy Handling + Storage

Cards are 2.2" x 3.4". The cards are a standard size of US deck of cards and have a superior smooth finish. Stored in a colorful, sturdy box with a smooth matte laminated finish.

Easy Inspiration

Take the guess work out of how to become your own good news with simple and accessible prompts for you to interpret in many different ways.

This deck is currently available for pre-order.

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A Word From The Creator

I’m Uncustomary, otherwise known as Mary England, and it’s my passion to assist other people in discovering not only what makes them happy, but how to continue embodying what I refer to as “Merriment” and keep that as a value for consistent joy instead of rapid spikes of euphoria mixed with mediocrity. I also want to help teach and guide those who are interested in how to love and accept themselves (including their lives, bodies, identities, pasts, and more).

I live in Baltimore, Maryland where I am writing my second book and host events for all ages where we can connect to our inner child.



This checkout includes US Shipping only which is $6.

If you are International, please e-mail me so I can calculate your shipping based on your country. See FAQ below.

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