Merriment Missions Deck

By Uncustomary

Looking to be your own good news? Draw a card a day for prompts on how to FEEL good and DO good every day!


This deck is your GO-TO companion for FUN activities!

✅ Want to feel good and do good?

✅ Creative, but don't want to make "fine art"?

✅ Find 111 activities in 7 different categories to guide you!

✅ Use for inspiration, a daily challenge, or with adventures or homework with children and clients.

✅ We need more good news. Let it start with you.

What this deck has to offer...

7 Categories

The cards are divided into 7 categories of Merriment Missions: Celebrating, Creating, Playing, Exploring, Moving Your Body, Self-Care, and Acts Of Kindness.

Simple Shapes

Seven shapes that correlate to different types of Missions. That way every time you see a Heart, you know you've found something related to self-care, etc.

111 Cards

There are enough cards that you could go about four months before repeating if you completed an activity every single day!

Rainbow Design

A bright, beautiful, and colorful design for you to see a happy rainbow every time you get your deck out!

Easy Storage

Cards are 2.2" x 3.4". The cards are a standard size of US deck of cards and have a superior smooth finish. Stored in a colorful, sturdy box with a smooth matte laminated finish.

Easy Inspiration

Take the guess work out of how to become your own good news with simple and accessible prompts for you to interpret in many different ways.


Meet the creator

I have two degrees in Psychology, worked at a psychiatric rehabilitation center for 5 years, and have owned my own business since 2013. I'm a published author, coach, and artist.

I am here to remind you to never stop playing, to feel joy through all your senses, and spread kindness in the world.

I do this with my method I call “Merriment Making“

Can you come out to play?

Mary England AKA Uncustomary |


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