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A little magic can take you a long way.

- Roald Dahl

Infuse Magic Into Your Life

My free e-course is a six-day dive into the world of magic that will leave you feeling more powerful overall, with extra tricks in your toolbox to pull out for self-care.

6 Lessons You get six lessons on unique topics I think are beautiful parts of the magical world. See below for more detail! 

6 Assignments Each lesson gives you an actionable assignment for you to work on that day!

Daily Extras Not only are you getting a daily lesson, but each day you'll also get an extra in the form of a workseet, printable, playlist, etc.! 

Daily Inspiration Beautiful photos, quotes, and inspiration for almost a week! Plus, access to e-mail me for any questions you have whenever!

Ready to make some magic?

The Lessons 

Take a look into the six lessons you'll be receiving over the span of six days.

Sacred Spaces

Setting you up for success with a place all your own that will be used for creating future magic!


Real magic is created from within. Discover the tools to dive deeper into who you are and become an even bigger bad ass.

Moon Cycle 

Learn about the eight phases of the moon as well as tools for creating your very own moon ritual.


Find extra power in the beauties we find in the earth, and figure out how to make the most out of them!


There's nothing better than leaning into the things that make you unique. Let's embrace the unusual in this lesson.


Discover what a ritual is, what kinds you can make, and how to go about creating your first one!

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

- W.B. Yeats

About Your Teacher

My name is Mary, and I believe my purpose on this planet is to bring happiness to other people. I've struggled with mental illness since I was eight-years-old, and lived in a dark place for a very long time, but made it through to the other side where I landed on a pile of glitter. I quit my day job at a psychiatric rehabilitation center to focus on the things I love the most in this world, and over time I've created a space on the internet that I try to use to empower people like you to live your life loudly, the way you want, without letting others influence you one way or the other. I want to remind you what it's like to play out in the street with the wonder of a child. I want to take your hand, and tell you sincerely that you are beautiful. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I have a cat named Bug, a boyfriend named Joe, and a sincere passion for balloons, handwritten letters, and all things sparkly.

Reviews from past customers

“Hmm... how can I even describe how wonderful this is. Magical, supportive, encouraging and kind are only a few words to encompass the joy that I feel when interacting with Uncustomary. I look forward to more!"

- Priyadarshini

“I just wanted to thank you for all of these activities, they helped a lot more than I had expected. Your own self-love is kind of contagious. I appreciate the past [few] days and their activities and I appreciate you.”

- Latita

“I love and adore all that you are and all the magic you make! The world is better with you in it.”

- Jackie

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