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Every month, I host a webinar inside of the Merriment Makers Membership Group based on that month's theme.

This Month's Theme Is Fears + Pleasures!

We are talking about how to identify the fears, comfort zones, and Secondary Gains we get from keeping ourselves small and block us from a PLEASURE, MAGIC-FILLED life!


  • 80 minute webinar Full Replay
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  • Secondary Gains Worksheet
  • Oracle Reading - The Shaman
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  • What if instead of hitting snooze every day and dreading the things you've come to decide are your fate, struggle, or life sentence, you created a life so beautiful you were EXCITED to get out of bed and live your life?
  • What is instead of punishing yourself for feeling fear, you used fear as a TOOL to your advantage that informed your behavior and thoughts, which expanded your entire existence?
  • What if instead of feeling pressured by society to stay small, maintain the status quo, conform, consume, capitalize, and anything else that doesn't feel right in your bones, you were COMFORTABLE and CONTENT with joy and success instead of failure and misery?


"I have begun looking at my habits that I would like to change. Your questions were very insightful.  We are so hard on ourselves.  Society is very loud in telling us that we should be and do more in every kind of way.  The things we say to ourselves, we would never say to another human being. 

Your thoughtful dialogue about Fear, Trauma, Addictions and Habits was empowering.  The ways that bad habits are formed is the result of our bodies, mind and soul being 100% dedicated to our safety and preservation at any cost. Coping methods that worked in the past and initially may have been our best option for escape from that situation, may not work anymore.  Continuing those choices can have consequences that often creates more conflict.  Understanding why we dive into coping strategies that no longer work for us guides us to make educated decisions on how we can move forward.  Shame and guilt dig us further into the pain.  Love and compassion is the key to freedom to live our best life.  

For myself personally, ... I see that my choice ... was useful and necessary to gain my own identity, safety for our family and peace of mind in that particular moment in time.  I recognize why I chose to react the way I did.  I know that I did the best that I could.  Through your Merriment Making exercises, I have gained more peace with the past which was one of my 2021 goals." - Melissa

* The live event was held November 12th, the full replay is available 2021

Photo: Maura Housley