1:1 Support, Encouragement, & Coaching For The Best You

Ready to boost your self-esteem and learn to love yourself?

Loving yourself for who you are and leading a happy life are great goals, but they’re not always easy ones. I can help you build your self-esteem, body positivity, self-expression, start your journey of self-love, and become an overall happier person!

Benefits Of Uncustomary Coaching:

Uncustomary Coaching Provides A...

  •  Confidential, thorough, thoughtful, & interactive approach
  •  Sounding board, clarity, strategies, & solutions
  •  Whole-hearted support, cheerleading, encouragement, & guidance
  •  Set of skills that will assist in shifting perspective, visualizing, role-play, & free-association
  •  Action plan, provide you with goals, assignments, & inspiration

Uncustomary Coaching Packages:

Test Drive

$80 / session

One Time - 45 Minute Skype Session

Customized Homework Assignments

30 Page Printable

Journaling Prompts

Personalized Affirmation

Consistent Coaching Package


Weekly 45 Minute Skype Sessions

Weekly Customized Homework Assignments

30 Page Printable

Journaling Prompts

Weekly Personalized Affirmation

Unlimited E-mail Access/Communication

Intense Immersion Package


Weekly 45 Minute Skype Sessions

Weekly Customized Homework Assignments

30 Page Printable

Journaling Prompts

Customized EFT/Tapping

Assistance With Magical Morning Routines

Monthly Meditations

Weekly Personalized Affirmation

Unlimited Voxer messaging (Audio and Text)

Unlimited E-mail Access/Communication

Want to work with me? Yay! Let's do it! First, fill out the application below, and I'll contact you to set up an initial consultation to make sure we're a great fit. You can ask me anything that's on your mind and get a feel for how we could start working together.

We'll schedule our first session (and future sessions) and I'll send you some prep work to get you started and assess where you're at.

Once we have our first official session (via Skype or the phone, whatever you're more comfortable with), we'll begin meeting weekly and I'll follow up with you afterwards via e-mail with your homework assignments, personalized affirmations, bonuses, etc.

You're encouraged to reach out to me via e-mail (and/or Voxer if you're in the Intense Immersion Package) with any questions, struggles, concerns, etc. as you go through the week.


Q: How are sessions conducted?

A: Usually via Skype. If you're local and prefer to meet in person, I can make that happen! We can also talk on the phone if you're in the US.

Q: What is EFT/Tapping?

A: EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, and is a coping skill that utilzes the meridian energy waves in your body to work through emotional blockages with a combination of positive psychology and accupressure

Q: What is Voxer?

A: Voxer is a smart phone app you can download that gives you the capability of communicating with anyone else with the app anywhere else in the world for free with text, images, or audio messages.

Q: Can I still get a "Happy Hour"?

A: Yes! If you're interested in the specific celebratory Happy Hour package I offer, just let me know and I can send you a customized invoice

Past Clients Are Saying...

"Sometimes you just gotta stop, twirl, dance and embrace your own awesomeness. And that's what you gave Kathleen the freedom and opportunity to do! Thank you for coming to our home so prepared with happiness tips and a binder full of specific resources, tools and reminders of ways that Kathleen is awesome--all in a setting of balloons, confetti, tiaras, ribbons, music and banners. We both LOVED your cool ideas of little things to do around town. Who knew our neighbor was so chock full of great, easy breezy places to go for fun? Not me! You have no idea what one Happy Hour with all the accouterments did for my sister AND for me! We are so doing this again! Count on it. Everyone and anyone who would like to cheer someone up -- or cheer themselves up -- should book Mary NOW. She's a true professional and a true badass bringer of joy, color and happiness." - Maureen + Kathleen O'Connor

"I did a 'Happy Hour' with Mary via Skype and it was a seriously amazing experience! If life's been getting you down, I totally recommend booking in for a Happy Hour with the Mary Godmother!" - Caz Galloway

"Mary England is the raw and real, inspiring and colorful voice of fun and truth. She is quirky in a way that makes you want to dig deep and be the most honest version of yourself with zero shame, and she is deeply steeped in knowledge that, when married with her playful aura, combines to form the most intriguing and trustworthy combo." - Madeline Rhodes + Jessica Serra Huizenga, Monarch Workshop