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Ready to boost your self-esteem and learn to love yourself?

Loving yourself for who you are and leading a happy life are great goals, but they’re not always easy ones. I can help you build your self-esteem, body positivity, self-expression, start your journey of self-love, and become an overall happier person!

Benefits Of Uncustomary Coaching:

Uncustomary Coaching Provides A...

  •  Confidential, thorough, thoughtful, & interactive approach
  •  Sounding board, clarity, strategies, & solutions
  •  Whole-hearted support, cheerleading, encouragement, & guidance
  •  Set of skills that will assist in shifting perspective, visualizing, role-play, & free-association
  •  Action plan, provide you with goals, assignments, & inspiration

Uncustomary Coaching Packages:

Past Clients Are Saying...

"I am so so happy that I talked to you and while we were talking, I was feeling that you are touching every depth and corner of my heart and were healing it, making it feel heard and loved. I got clarity on what aspects I need to work on. I was confused a lot before that, and that was a reason holding me back. I am so thankful that you chose the thing I feel is troubling me the most right now and I too was eagerly wanting to talk about. Now I know that I need to change my behaviours, and also in what ways.

Thank you for coming into changing my life in such a way that I never had expected. And I love that you gave me so many resources. It's a thing that very few people do. And I didn't expect that in such a short amount of time, you will go in such depth." - Sana Ali

"Mary is knowledgeable and insightful and provides an amazing value. I had several A-HA! moments during our session that have stayed me with all week. I was surprised at how much ground we were able to cover in so little time. This was easily one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a life coach." - Josh

"In the moments after I signed up for a 1:1 coaching call with Mary, I thought what in the heck was I doing?? Would I be wasting her time? Would I be able to get anything from it? Would it just be a bunch of unhelpful advice? Would she be able to see my messy apartment (over Skype)? Within 5 seconds of her reaching out to me before our session, I realized all of my fears were for naught

Mary was so incredibly helpful - she asked questions that helped her understanding my major issue straight away, worked with me to help boil it down to the basic focus point, and best of all, gave me ample resources so I could start working on things from this end. With kindness and grace, she held my hand and gave me a loving kick in the rear to do the work. If you have the chance to do a 1:1 coaching call, please take advantage of it. It's really worth it!" - Lisa 

"Sometimes you just gotta stop, twirl, dance and embrace your own awesomeness. And that's what you gave Kathleen the freedom and opportunity to do! Thank you for coming to our home so prepared with happiness tips and a binder full of specific resources, tools and reminders of ways that Kathleen is awesome--all in a setting of balloons, confetti, tiaras, ribbons, music and banners. We both LOVED your cool ideas of little things to do around town. Who knew our neighbor was so chock full of great, easy breezy places to go for fun? Not me! You have no idea what one Happy Hour with all the accouterments did for my sister AND for me! We are so doing this again! Count on it. Everyone and anyone who would like to cheer someone up -- or cheer themselves up -- should book Mary NOW. She's a true professional and a true badass bringer of joy, color and happiness." - Maureen + Kathleen O'Connor

"Mary is super knowledgeable about various subjects and gives very practical advice. The recap email is a great bonus and she provides so many resources to learn more about the issues you are experiencing. Sometimes it's great to just talk with a nuetral third party that has a listening ear and compassion to share and Mary is an excellent person to talk to. I'm excited about getting started on my homework." - April A.

Work With Me


  • Pre-questions via e-mail to get focus on your goals
  • 1 Hour Zoom Call scheduled at a time that works for both of us
  • Personalized Google Drive for your Coaching documents/media
  • Zoom call can be recorded for your reference
  • Thorough notes taken during/after the session
  • Homework assignments
  • Additional resources
  • Personalized affirmations
  • Follow-up
  • E-mail access
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Q: Can I work with you more than once?

A: Of course! After our initial meeting, we can discuss a discounted package plan that works for you!

Q: What can we talk about?

A: Honestly, anything you want! I am extremely knowledgeable about self-love, body image, caregiver complex, work-life balance, trauma, anxiety, play, motivation, optimism, and creativity.

More Reviews...

"Thank you for our conversation the other day. It was so helpful and motivational! I am so grateful for your non-judgmental, genuine attention, and respect. I feel like we have been friends for years! Your notes and homework are above and beyond what I was expecting. I am so grateful for you and for the chance to talk with you directly. I look forward to working on myself and hope to arrange another conversation with you soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Stephanie

"Mary's 1:1 coaching is very insightful and helpful. I didn't know what to expect coming into it, but the amount of work Mary put into preparing to talk to me made the coaching easy on my part. Once the Skype call was over, she followed up with a list of things for me to do and a recap of everything she had talked about in an email that I can reference whenever I need, and this makes setting goals and changing my perspectives easier. All in all she was great!" - Jackie E.

"I have been an Uncustomary subscriber for over a year now. I appreciate the inspiration, blog posts, and the opportunity for the free e-courses. This time, Mary offered the opportunity for a 1:1 call and I made sure to take her up on it. Our discussion focused on Body Image as I'm working through some weight gain. She was very encouraging and informative and provided great resources in a follow up email." - Brennon

"I did a 'Happy Hour' with Mary via Skype and it was a seriously amazing experience! If life's been getting you down, I totally recommend booking in for a Happy Hour with the Mary Godmother!" - Caz Galloway

"Mary England is the raw and real, inspiring and colorful voice of fun and truth. She is quirky in a way that makes you want to dig deep and be the most honest version of yourself with zero shame, and she is deeply steeped in knowledge that, when married with her playful aura, combines to form the most intriguing and trustworthy combo." - Madeline Rhodes + Jessica Serra Huizenga, Monarch Workshop