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Every month, I host a webinar inside of the Merriment Makers Membership Group based on that month's theme.

This Month's Theme Is Body Image, Love, + Positivity!

We are talking about how to create FOUR Body Love Rituals, including How To DATE Your Body

PLUS a customized EFT/Tapping on complicated feelings on your body aging and not being able to do what it used to do/ look how it used to look


  • 80 minute webinar Full Replay
  • EFT/Tapping
  • a 10 page printable workbook
  • 6 Digital Social Media Ready Body Love Affirmations
  • Body Positivity 101 Worksheet
  • Body Parts I Love Worksheet
  • Body Parts Gratitude Journaling Worksheet
  • 25 Quotes About Body Positivity
  • What Would You Change About Your Body Essay
  • You Don't Need To Cover Your Undereye Circles Essay
  • 25 Fun Ways To Exercise
  • 50 Solo Date Ideas
  • Ways To Celebrate In The Bathtub
  • All included in a private Google Drive with lifelong access

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  • What if instead of waking up every day hating your body you started developing a relationship with it that felt more loving, respectful, and accepting?
  • What if instead of feeling pressured from society to fit into preconceived standards of beauty, you appreciated and celebrated the unique aspects of your physical body?
  • What if instead of punishing your body you found reasons you were grateful for what it could do instead of what it can't do?

"She made me appreciate the small things and for someone like myself who has struggled with depression, she showed me that I did deserve love and acceptance that maybe the world isn't such a bad place and that there are good people doing great things. What she has given me is priceless and I am forever grateful." - Cristen

* The live webinar was held on August 29, 2021 - you can check out now and get immediate access with the full replay 2021

Photo: Maura Housley