Merriment Making Planner

By Uncustomary

The only planner that encourages you to plan celebrating!



I was tired of planners that only had spaces for you to plan the responsibilities of life instead of reminding and encouraging you to celebrate and have FUN. So I made my own.

What this planner has to offer

The Merriment Making Planner contains everything you need for celebrating, loving yourself, and reflecting on your accomplishments every single day of the year. Oh yeah, and scheduling stuff, too.



Not sure of where to focus your creativity and energy this month? Enjoy non-seasonal & completely unique activity ideas every month.


52 ways for you to grow and expand your mind, body, and self!


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Are you hydrating? Did you go outside today? When's the last time you took five minutes for yourself? You can use these to stop and slow down!


Think deeper about things you're connecting to in the world and in yourself weekly.

Reflect with five wrap-up and improvement questions monthly.


Gratitude prompts, graphics for every holiday, top 10 lists, positive affirmations, weekly and monthly spreads.

If you use this planner every day in 2023, you WILL look back on the year with more joy than if you hadn't!



“I am so excited to use this planner again this year.

Last year I used the planner constantly, and absolutely fell in love with the journal prompts and weekly gratitude that infused my week with reflection on what made things special, but also gave me an amazing collection to look back through at the end of the year.

There were so many special moments I had almost forgotten about, and I felt fulfilled when doing my yearly look back before the New Year.

If you are going to grab a planner, grab this one. 💜”


Don't wait to start celebrating!

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The Merriment Making Planner is a tangible copy of your Merriment highlight reel and joy jumping off the page!

Yes, you can track your habits and remember when your next doctor's appointment is, but you are also going to get loving reminders every day of what there is to celebrate around you!

You won't have the chance to take things for granted because this planner is stocked full of prompts for celebration and reflection of gratitude. 

What would it be like if you could look back in a year and have an entire book full of all the beautiful, joyous moments you were so grateful to experience over the past twelve months?

With the Merriment Making Planner, your accomplishments are spelled out for you every week!

Life is more than appointments, deadlines, and reminders.

Life is about celebrating the unusual, appreciating the simple things, and expressing gratitude for the beauty in life!

This is the only planner that encourages you to plan more than productivity, but JOY!


"I got my 2023 Merriment Making Planner and it’s full of amazing stuff. A ring pop graphic, a list of stuff for every month (I always check out October because it’s the best month,) every day shows a fun niche national celebration for the date.

I got something sticky on the outside and wiped it with alcohol and it didn’t damage the cover at all. This is such a good planner if you love colors and fun.

It would be a great planner for an older teen, too. There’s some make out/sex toy talk in the arena of self love but nothing raunchy.

There are so many creative prompts with space to explore your ideas. 10/10 perfect planner."


A Word From The Author

My goal is to empower and celebrate the weird in you and acknowledge your fears and circumstances. I celebrate your messy middles, but I don’t believe you yourself are a mess. I teach about play, pleasure, kindness, mental health, realistic optimism, and self-love.

I do that with my method I call “Merriment Making“.

Mary England AKA Uncustomary |


"Life is so much more fun with an Uncustomary Planner. 

So far this year I have: 

- Rediscovered jigsaws
- Had rose quartz and charcoal face masks
- Started a new cross stitch project
- Experimented with balloon decor
- Watched March Of The Penguins 1 & 2
- Worked on penguin cross stitch
- Tried calligraphy" 


"I had been searching for a fun paper planner but nothing was quite right... until Mary came along!

This is the perfect mix of planner and gratitude journal complete with fun prompts, bright colors, and a dash of whimsy. We use it every night to recap our day, writing down everything we are grateful for and all the little happy moments.

It is just what I was looking for! I hope there’s one for next year, too!" 


"I've been enjoying mine.

It's helped me focus on the areas I care about most. It's a small thing, but having the months color coded has been SUPER helpful to me.

There are so many little thoughtful details!"



"I recently got your planner and it's AMAZING! What a treat! I have been stressed out at work and it's a bright light to remember to celebrate every day! It's just fun to hear about all the silly national holidays. It makes you think about the small delights of life that mean so much!  

I feel more present in my life just thinking about your suggested celebrations each day. It really turned the switch on for me to give myself permission to plan something special each day in one way or another. Just puts a smile on my face and that is the best way to start and end the day. In the space for each day, I write down 3 things that I'm grateful for or accomplished. I am so much more in tune with myself and more present with everyone in my life. Celebrating everyday is a brilliant way to live! I'm so thankful that you have made a beautiful, colorful, inspiring planner for myself and others to start living each day with greater purpose to create exciting, happy moments in everyday life.  

I hope, pray, send good vibes into the universe for you to get your planner out for people everywhere to Celebrate Life and bring healing, wealth and prosperity for you, too! You have created a beautiful, life giving planner that truly makes a difference. For when you touch one life, it is the butterfly effect and ripples outward to affecting soooo, sooooooo many! You have created a powerful message and miracles are coming!"


"I'm not usually a paper planner kind of person, but so far I am loving this Uncustomary planner! It is full of little reminders to be mindful of the little magical things in life. My favorite little bit so far is the "currently smelling..." box (what a funny little snapshot of my week!)  

This planner is an excellent companion for my goals to spend my time and energy on things that matter to me. I also adore how each month has its own color making it easy to skip ahead to pencil in reminders down the road. 

There is clearly a lot of thought and love put into the whole design of this thing. It looks cute sitting on my kitchen table at the ready. I like that it is flexible and lightweight despite having some chonk to it (plenty of space for writing!)"


“This is the best planner I've ever had.

It reminds me to not just schedule my life, but to love myself and find joy in every moment, even when I'm busy or not feeling well.

Just looking through it brightens my day!”


"The sunny yellow cover is true to color, and the tactile feel of it is a luxe, velvety matte. I just wanted to touch it to my cheek as soon as I received it. 🌻

I'm clinically ADHD. That means I'm TERRIBLE at making plans and sticking to them.

I've had trouble with typically leatherbound or uniformly colored 'grown up' planners because they just kind of blend into the background. ...I forget them. ... I forget to use them. ...I leave them everywhere.

The good news? It's IMPOSSIBLE to lose Uncustomary's planner precisely BECAUSE it's so bright.

The Planner is chock full of positivity which makes me excited to actually use it. And Uncustomary's journaling prompts are just enough to both be manageable and keep me on track for my goals."



Can I only check out on Amazon?

Yes. This book is published and printed exclusively through Amazon to provide the most accessibility worldwide. It is printed per order and also available Amazon UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, PL, SE, JP, CA, and AU. (If you have trouble finding any of the countries, just email me!

What size is it?

8.5 x 11 inches

Is it different than the 2020 version?

Yes. I've added new, merrier graphics. There's a graphic on every day of the year. No stock photography. Different monthly colors. Different affirmations. Different formats for the end of the month journaling questions. Slightly different cover image. Honestly I think it's just a better design.